VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 License Key + Patch Free Download

VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Crack with Serial Key Tested Free Download

VisualCron Pro Crack + License Key Updated Free Download

VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Crack is an automation and integration tool for Windows used worldwide. VisualCron Full Version combines many features in one product. With scheduling, you can configure your Job to run at a specific time or event using Triggers. Tasks in each Job automate scripts and eliminate human error. Through various tasks, you can integrate different systems through file transfer, encryption, compression, and transformation.

VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 License Key works with common protocols and services such as; SFTP, FTP, SCP, SSH, SQL, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Slack, PeopleSoft, VMWare, SSRS, Exchange, WebDAV, Office365, Pushbullet, Crystal Reports, Dynamic CRM, AS/400, IIS, Informatica, Azure Service Bus, Rabbit MQ, Telegram, SAP, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, MySQL, Twitter, HyperV, MSMQ, PDF, Sharepoint and more.

VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Key Benefits:

Fast support and response times

  • Try to find more dedicated support that responds to your issue within hours – and on weekends.
  • Adapt to yourself and use all kinds of technologies to help you. It uses your instant messenger, It can provide live support with desktop sharing/team collaboration tools.
  • Bugs rarely get old – if you find a serious bug, it will provide you with a fix within a few days.

Constant development with clear goals

  • No other tool has developed so quickly in such a short time. It feels like are one step ahead of our competitors.
  • We strive to excel in all areas – if a competitor has a feature we don’t have, we add it and make it better.
  • The waiting time between the idea and the realized functionality is very short. We are small, hate bureaucracy, and spend money not on big bonuses but on new developments.
  • Our development is driven by our users – we add what our users want. Our users request features on our forums.
  • VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Patch also offers custom development and consulting based on your needs.
  • If you find a feature that a competitor has but prefer to use our product, we’ll add that feature – for free in no time.

Enterprise architecture with real-time support and remote control

  • VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Serial Key stands out when it comes to transmitting and displaying information in real time.
  • Inter-Internet connectivity – control VisualCron worldwide; safe and in real-time.
  • Connect as many Clients as you want to a single Server. Multi-user with permissions support.

API-programming interface

  • If you need tight integration with your tools. Many of our users combine VisualCron with their tools.
  • If you need to develop your interface – web or desktop application.

Multi-protocol support and security

  • Several automation tools provide various protocols that support; FTP/FTPS/SFTP/HTTP/SSH.
  • VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Keygen manages PGP keys and X509 certificates. It can be used for various tasks: signing and encrypting emails, monitoring mailboxes, and encrypting/decrypting files. No other scheduler has this advanced encryption technique.
  • You can configure VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Activator for automatic login to access the desktop. VisualCron supports auto-login on Windows XP/2003/2008/2012 and Vista – no other scheduler supports 2012 or Vista. Some schedulers have this feature at all.

VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Key Features:

  • No programming skills: You don’t need to have a programming background to learn and create tasks with VisualCron.
  • Easy to use interface: Drag, click and create. The interface is consistent and easy to learn.
  • Tasks for everything: With over 300 technology-specific tasks.
  • Customer Driven Development: We base our development on customer feature requests.
  • Fast and accurate support: We know our product perfectly as well as the Windows environment in general.
  • Extended logging: With audits, task and job logs, and the output of each task, you will have enough information for debugging.
  • Flow and error handling: React and control flow based on error type and output.
  • Interact with anything: Tasks use a common protocol for transferring files and running scripts across multiple platforms.
  • Programming interface: Interact with VisualCron at the programming level using our API
  • Save time and money: Automating tasks with easy setup saves your business time and money.
  • Eliminate human errors: By automating advanced tasks and automatically handling mistakes, you eliminate human error and downtime.

VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Changelog:
(Released on 05-09-2022)

New and Enhanced Features:

  • Client/Server: Health->Added new Server Health control.
  • Client/Server: Object relations->Added SSH keys.
  • Client/Server: Robot Task->Integrated web macro into Robot Task.
  • Client/Server: Robot Task->Added stand-alone web browser.
  • Client/Server: Robot Task->Add Workbook->Run macro actions.
  • Client/Server: Robot Task->Added Workbook->Get info action.
  • Client/Server: Robot Task->Added action Take a screenshot.
  • Client/Server: Robot Task->Added List Variables actions.
  • Client/Server: Robot Task->Added File/Folders actions.
  • Client/Server: Robot Task->Added playback speed control.
  • Client/Server: Web macro Task->Added loop functionality.
  • Client/Server: Web macro Task->Added maximize on record/test settings.
  • Client/Server: Logs->New Health table.
  • Client/Server: Logs->New Event log table.
  • Client/Server: SSRS->Added connection variables support.
  • Client/Server: Execute Task->Added Batch option.
  • Client/Server: New Task: Excel – Delete cell(s).
  • Client/Server: New Task: Excel – Delete row(s).
  • Client: The main window->Added Job Id filter.
  • Client/Server: Image convert Task->Added more image conversion options.
  • Client/Server: Variables: Added variable type List for User Variables.
  • Client/Server: Object search: Added support for case-insensitive search.

Bug fixes:

  • Server: Assembly Execute Task->Fix x86 issue.
  • Server: Archive – Extract->Fixed release of the file at the end of processing.
  • Client/Server: Popup Task->Fixed layout issue.
  • Server: HTTP Trigger->Not showing output Variables issue.
  • Client: SFTP\SSH Connection->Encryption encryption algorithms display names for connection properties.
  • Client: Web macro->Fixed new tab + enter URL issue.
  • Client: Connection Explorer->Proxy setter fix.
  • Client: Themes->More theme fixes.
  • Client: Run/Pause Job->Fixed button update issue and stop the problem.
  • Client/Server: Job result->Fixed chart and loading.
  • Server: Web API->Fixed null ref issue.
  • Client: Flow chart->Fixed crash.
  • Client: SQL Task->Sql Parameter editor fix.
  • Client/Server: SSRS Task->Fix for maximum rows issue in Excel.
  • Server: SharePoint Connection with Certificate not valid in the task but works in Connection Explorer.
  • Server: Webdav issue – outputs double URL.
  • Client/Server: Use Dropbox RefreshToken instead of short-term AccessToken.
  • Client: Robot Task->Fixed error message when adding new action.
  • Client/Server: Desktop macro->Issue with Stop/Save button at recording.
  • Client/Server: Web macro->Problems recording steps on a specific website.
  • Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed issue “Destroy must be called..”.
  • Client/Server: Web macro-> Problem with downloading a specific file.
  • Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed Gif recording stops too early.
  • Client/Server: Web macro->Fixed internal loop issue.
  • Client/Server: Main window->Various Run Job feedback.
  • Server: Archive – Compress->Not able to append to empty zip file fix.
  • Server: Archive – Extract->Problems with deleting archive.
  • Client/Server: SSRS->Parameter set issue.
  • Client/Server: Scan document (local)->Issue capturing scan Variables.
  • Client/Server: Web service Task->Fixed issue when selected Credential was used even though “None” was used in security settings.
  • Client/Server: Web service Task->Fixed issue stopping Task.
  • Client: Manage Servers->Fixed potential null reference error.
  • WebClient: Popup Task->Fixed radio button selection.
  • Server: Email Task->Handled time zone issue on message date.
  • Client/Server: BOX SSL/TLS issue.
  • Client/Server: Scan document->Issue seeing scanned values in output fixed.


VisualCron Pro Patch & Serial Key Tested Free Download

VisualCron Pro Keygen + Activator Latest Free Download

Instruction about installing VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877:

  • Disconnect from the internet & also pause your Antivirus (Most significant).
  • Extract the package by using WinZip or WinRAR and install VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 by using setup.
  • After the installation is done, don’t launch the program or close it completely if found.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory and replace it.
  • Complete the installation and launch the program.
  • It’s done, Enjoy VisualCron Pro 9.9.9 Build 31877 Full Version.

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