ActivePresenter Pro 9.0.0 Crack with License Key Free Download

ActivePresenter Pro 9.0.0 Serial Key with Patch {2022} Full Download

ActivePresenter Pro License Key With Crack Updated Full Download

ActivePresenter Pro 9.0.0 Crack is a complete all-in-one screen recorder, video editor, and interactive e-learning authoring software for Windows. With ActivePresenter Pro Full Version, creating professional screencasts, training videos, or interactive e-learning courses is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3: Record, edit, and export!

Why Choose ActivePresenter Pro?

Smart Screen Recorder for Windows:

  • Record everything on your computer screen with crystal clear video quality.
  • Record system sound and microphone sound at the same time.
  • Save as an animated movie or as step-by-step slides.
  • Automatic mouse click effects and annotation creation.
  • Create interactions automatically by recording your keyboard and mouse actions.

Advanced eLearning Authoring Tool: Add interactivity to your eLearning content!

  • Engage your students/audience with hookup scenarios.
  • Create unique content with interactions, events, and actions.
  • Advanced audio/video editing: crop, crop, merge, change volume, speed up, slow down, blur.
  • Multitrack audio/video editing.
  • Add animations and animation effects to your videos.
  • Annotate your videos with auto shapes, images, zoom-n-pan, video overlays, and motion effects.

Stream HTML5 e-learning content to any platform or device

  • Deploy your e-learning course in HTML5 format on the web, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, Android, and iOS.
  • Import into any modern Learning Management System (LMS) with support for SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can) with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Track and report key metrics to assess student performance.

ActivePresenter Pro 9.0.0 Key Features:

Interactive eLearning

  • Import PowerPoint Presentations: Import PowerPoint slides directly even if Microsoft PowerPoint is not installed on your system.
  • Responsive Design: Design fully responsive, mobile-ready eLearning content. Easily convert ordinary projects to responsive projects.
  • FlexBox: Automatically align and distribute space for a group of objects. Enables consistent and efficient management of layouts and spacing, especially in responsive projects.
  • Themes and Templates: Use well-designed themes and templates to quickly create new projects.
  • Slide Templates: Save an existing project as a master slide to reuse later as the basis for other projects.
  • Style (colors and effects): Create high-quality screencast videos and training simulations with a variety of line/fill/text styles and shadow effects.
  • Bullet and Numbering Styles: New bullet style and numbering options are ready for your choice.
  • Shapes & Freeform: Choose from dozens of shapes. Draw custom vector shapes and paths using the Free Shapes and Doodle tools.
  • Image editing: The built-in image editor with transparency support allows quick and easy editing of any image.
  • Object Templates: Create object models from objects and groups of objects to reuse in a project or different projects.
  • Transitions and Animations: Captivate viewers/learners by applying effects to slides and objects. A wide variety of stunning transition effects and animations are available.
  • Text Animations: Create funny animations for text with words or letters for all objects containing text.
  • Object Settings View: Allow customization of default styles for multiple types of objects such as cursor paths, shapes, questions, etc.
  • Grouping Objects: Group objects on a slide into a single object to move, resize, rotate, or change other properties simultaneously.
  • Object size and position locking options: Lock the size and position of objects on the canvas for easy editing.
  • The multiple States for Objects: Turn any object into a multistate object. Easily develop interactive content without using multiple objects or “hide and show” techniques.
  • Icons: Add visuals to your presentation using dozens of pixel-free icons.
  • Equation: Write pixel-perfect equations and formulas for any math or science presentation or quiz. Copying equations from Microsoft Office is also possible.
  • Animated Timer: Use digital timers and visually adjustable progress bars to count up or down as time goes by and trigger actions when time is up.
  • Embed HTML Packages: Allow embedding of HTML resources in your course without URLs or active lines of code.
  • Quizzes: Create almost any type of assessment or survey using the eleven different question types available in the app.
  • Fill-in-Blanks Question: Turn the words/phrases provided in the sentences or paragraphs into empty text boxes and ask participants to fill them in.
  • Hotspot Question: As a question based on the picture. Allow the points in the pictures to be defined as correct answers, and then have students identify themselves.
  • Import Questions from Files: Import format-compatible questions from GIFT and CSV files. This is especially useful when you need to add many questions to your project at once.
  • Feedback Master: Provide a consistent appearance through the layers of comments throughout your course. Design each comment layer with text, images, videos, and more.
  • Slide Pool & Randomization: Design a professional random quiz with slide sets and random slides to prevent viewers from remembering and predicting answers.
  • Multiple Timelines: Create multiple timelines so that a slide contains different animations of the same object. Use actions to read additional timelines to design rich interactions.
  • Interactivity: A flexible event-action mechanism with different types of events and actions allows different learning scenarios to be set based on audience responses at each stage.
  • Conditional Actions and Advanced interactions: Create complex event-based interactions from one or more conditions. Add greater interactivity to your advanced interactions or eLearning games.
  • Variables: Add additional functionality with variables. Use variables to label and store information for reference and use in all projects.
  • Advanced Action: Simplify the interaction creation process by combining multiple conditional actions into a single, easily reusable follow-up action.
  • HTML5 player settings: Completely customize the player with tons of stylish skins, presets, and handy features.
  • Table of contents for HTML5: Give your audience a preview of the project and quick navigation by including a table of contents.
  • Author Video: Embed presentation slides with talking heads or how-to videos. Give students full control over whether or not to see author videos.
  • Attach resources to projects: Attach resources to courses to provide students with relevant information, related websites, or printable copies of slides.
  • Customizable Preloader: Customize the preloader appearing when your document loads the resource you like.
  • Show-in-Mode Property for Slide: Select the operating mode of the slide to decide in which mode the slide will appear in the output.
  • HTML5 Preview: Preview interactive content in the browser with one click.
  • Course Review: Allow users to switch to preview mode from a report slide to review their answers when done.
  • Web Fonts for HTML5: Use any font to create stylish, consistent content on any device.
  • Spell checker: Ensure the quality of the content by using the spell check feature. This is especially important when working with text.
  • Configurable Hotkeys: Some of the target apps have registered common keyboard shortcuts. In this case, a configurable keyboard shortcut is required to create a complete recording session.

Screen Recording

  • Full Motion Recording: Save the screen as an animated video and embed it into a slide for further editing with annotations, voiceover, zoom and pan, closed captions, and animation effects.
  • Smart Capture: Capture the screen when the mouse is clicked or the button is pressed. Each action is captured as a slide explaining in detail what the viewer needs to follow to master the lesson.
  • Webcam Recording: Record screen and webcam simultaneously or record webcam video separately, it all depends on your needs.
  • Microphone and Speaker Recording: Record system sound and microphone sound at the same time while recording the screen. Separate voiceover and narration recordings are also available.
  • Smart Annotation: Automatically generates descriptions of target actions and applications and inserts them correctly in the slides. Make the content almost ready to publish for short tutorials.
  • Lossless Quality: Record with lossless video codecs to ensure the best quality (100%) in the entire editing process. H.264 lossy codec is also available.

Advanced editing for Audio/Video

  • User interface: Dark mode: Choose a light theme or a dark theme to match your appearance.
  • Multiple Media Layers: Insert video and audio in the slide.
  • Audio and Video Editing: Edit audio and video without losing quality. Supported operations include crop, delete, crop, split, merge, blur, change playback speed, change volume, and insert freeze frame.
  • Advanced Audio Effects: Fade In/Out, Noise Reduction, Audio Normalization: Apply advanced audio effects to fade in and fade out sound, remove background noise, and keep sound levels consistent between slides.
  • Blur: Hide sensitive information in videos or images by blurring moving and static (stationary) objects.
  • Spotlight: Draw viewers’ attention to a specific area with Spotlight. You can apply shapes and styles to Spotlight.
  • Zoom-n-Pan: Guide viewers to different parts of the screen using Zoom-n-Pan. This allows for a smoother transition when changing the focus area.
  • Green Screen Effects for Video: Integrate live-action footage to enhance video presentations by overlaying two images/videos based on chroma range.
  • Cursor Path: Emulate cursor movement with flexible cursor paths. Add more visuals to the cursor path with the highlight and click sound.
  • Closed Caption: Add captions to provide more information, create audio transcripts, and support deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences.
  • Multiple Languages for Closed Captions: Add a different language to your closed captions, making your content more accessible to everyone.
  • Text To Speech: Convert text in any shape/object or closed text to speech using the system’s Text To Speech engine. Add more sounds to create interesting tutorials.

Multiple Output Formats

  • Export to the video: Export content to popular video formats including MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, and MKV. Balance output size and video quality with frame rate and quality options.
  • Export to HTML5: Export content in HTML5 format that can run on any modern web browser and device (PC, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.).
  • Export to SCORM and xAPI: Supports SCORM and xAPI, two of the most popular e-learning specifications widely supported by many learning management systems (LMS).
  • Export to Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint): Export to the most popular document formats. Advanced editing with Microsoft Office. Custom layout with Microsoft Word.
  • Report & Tracking: Even without using LMS, learner results can be tracked using HTTP methods. Report data in well-known formats like XML, and JSON.
  • Backup: Prevent data loss in the event of power failure or system failure with backup capabilities.

ActivePresenter Pro 9.0.0 Changelog:

(Released on 27-09-2022)

  • Bug fixes & some improvements.


ActivePresenter Pro Keygen & Activator Latest Free Download

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Instruction about installing ActivePresenter Pro 9.0.0:

  • Disconnect from the internet & also pause your Antivirus (Most important).
  • Extract the package by using WinZip or WinRAR and install ActivePresenter Pro by using setup.
  • After the installation is done, don’t launch the program or close it completely if launched.
  • Copy the crack file to the installation directory and replace it.
  • Complete the installation and launch the program.
  • It’s done, Enjoy ActivePresenter Pro 9.0.0 Full Version.

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